Asylum Seekers and Refugee Community Blackburn

a safe, supportive and caring community where people forced to flee their homelands can rebuild their lives.

Who We Are

The Asylum Seekers and Refugee Community Blackburn, also known as ARC, is a charity based at Wesley Hall in Blackburn Town Centre. Founded in 2004, ARC is well established with experience and a history of working with asylum seekers and refugees in the Blackburn with Darwen Borough.

ARC seeks to create a safe, welcoming space for those fleeing war, persecution and violence in their homelands.  ARC provides the practical support asylum seekers and refugees need to start rebuilding their lives in the UK.

We pride ourselves on working in partnership with other local and national organisations in order to provide our service users with as many opportunities as possible.  Many of these partners attend our weekly Drop-in and ARC is a regular attendee of the Blackburn with Darwen Asylum Seeker Multi Agency Forum. 

We are currently looking for volunteers to help with English Club, refreshments and reception.  Please click the ‘Get Involved’ button for details.

What We Do


If you are an asylum seeker or refugee and need help making phone calls, understanding letters or require advice we can help. Please come into reception and make an appointment.

English Club

We provide English Classes twice a week at different ability levels. These are free of charge, easily accessible and offer practical language learning.

Drop in

We run a weekly social Drop-In for asylum seekers and refugees to meet, socialise and access local support services. 


We provide social groups including a youth club and a football team and always celebrate special events  such as Eid and Christmas. 

One Voice Man of the year 2021

Congratulations Tinta!

Congratulations to ARC’s very own Tinta for being awarded the One Voice Man of the Year Award 2021. The award recognises people who have made a real difference in their community, and the wider area of Blackburn. Tinta was congratulated for his work with the asylum and refugee community and for promoting cohesion in the town.

Our stories

Ibrahim's story

I am Kurdish from Iran – 18 years old. I lived with my Mum and Dad and older brother and sister. We were a poor family. My Dad didn’t want me to stop school – it was very hard for them to manage financially but they did it. 

Tinta's story

There is a saying in Africa “nobody leaves the house unless the house is in the mouth of the snake” – if the house is in the mouth of the snake you’re gonna have to flee. 

Urmila's story

I was born very tiny and with a displaced jaw that made me look a bit unusual. It was not acceptable to my father and from those early days he was already thinking ‘how am I going to get her married’.

Bewar's story

I am Bewar, a 26 year old Kurdish man from Syria and I have been in UK for 13 years. I am from a large, poor family and life was ok but hard for all of us. We had our ups and downs but I didn’t really have to worry about anything. Then life became difficult with the war and  my brothers in the army so my family had to move to safety to Kurdistan.

We are looking for volunteer Ukrainian and Pashto interpreters

ARC Blackburn is looking for Ukrainian and Pashto language interpreters to support refugees who have had to flee their homes due to war and oppression. We are looking to recruit volunteers with a good level of spoken and written English. As a volunteer you will be based at home and give support by telephone. You will also need to be available occasionally to come into the ARC office at a pre-arranged times to provide additional support. If you can help please complete our expression of interest form and return it to us. For more information contact us.

Our Supporters

ARC celebrates National Lottery AWARD

Thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund, this grant means that we can continue to offer help to all asylum seekers and refugees in the area, making a huge difference to people’s lives who have faced trauma and distress in having to leave their home countries

Pease help us to support asylum seekers and refugees in your community

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