Congratulations Tinta

Congratulations to Tinta for being awarded the One Voice Man of the Year Award 2021 at an annual dinner on 9th October 2021. The award is given to people who have been a role model for the whole community. Special credit is given to those who are ambassadors in the areas of cohesion and integration, and who seek to promote gender and racial equality.

Tinta is a brave, inspirational man from the Ivory Coast. During his 10 years in the UK and most of it in Blackburn he has supported many vulnerable people and groups. He has been a volunteer with many of the charities in Blackburn with Darwen. He has undertaken interpreting and case work with ARC Project, YMCA, DARE and others. He has volunteered with the local council during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as working with the police. Although much of his work involved working with the asylum and refugee communities Tinta has been key in promoting cohesion in the town. He has also spoken in services at the cathedral for the Srebrenica Holocaust Memorial Day, and more recently spent many hours supporting a family who had lost a family member.

Tinta is a uniquely positive character and no one can be unimpressed with his persona and attitude when they meet him.