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Congratulations Tinta

Congratulations to Tinta for being awarded the One Voice Man of the Year Award 2021 at an annual dinner on 9th October 2021. The award is given to people who have been a role model for the whole community. Special…

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Tinta’s story

I was about 10 years old in 1999 when political turmoil began then the war started in 2002. There was an atmosphere of xenophobia where everyone had to prove their Ivorian citizenship and their right to vote.  My father tried…

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Bewar’s story

I am Bewar, a 26 year old Kurdish man from Kurdistan and I have been in UK for 13 years. I am from a large, poor family and life was ok but hard for all of us. We had our…

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Urmila’s story

I was born very tiny and with a displaced jaw that made me look a bit unusual. It was not acceptable to my father and from those early days he was already thinking ‘how am I going to get her…

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Ibrahim’s Story

I am Kurdish from Iran – 18 years old. I lived with my Mum and Dad and older brother and sister. We were a poor family. My Dad didn’t want me to stop school – it was very hard for…

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